zondag 28 juli 2013


It´s bloody hot here so one the last things I´d like to think about right now is gloves, but when the temperature is a bit less warm then I like to wear gloves. It´s not that strange really, a century or two ago a lot of people would wear gloves. Usually for formal occasions or just to keep their hands clean. But it´s also a good way to hide less attractive hands. These days people use gloves a lot for work, to protect their hands or in a sterile environment. But I just like to wear them because they feel great and look good!

You have gloves in different sizes and types, personally I like the long ones because I think they look better. But we all have our own favourite, so don´t feel discouraged to wear a type of glove that isn´t populair. It might be more difficult to buy them though, but a lot of fetish shops should have some gloves in stock. As much as I like to have shiny fingers in my gloves I find it more practical to have fingerless gloves, because it makes it easier to handle my whip or other accessories. Of course these fingerless gloves are also in the longer style.

So when or where do you use gloves? I don´t think gloves are only usuable in the bedroom, why not go out with your shiny gloves or have a party at your house. As a Dom/Domme you´ll probably use gloves for a more practical use, but subs might be allowed to kiss them as a sign of worship. They also look good on people who go for the full rubber doll look. Having your hands uncovered might ruin the look, but some nice gloves can help you with that. Also if you´re unhappy about the way your hands look or you just don´t feel like putting nail polish on your hands, then gloves can cover up less attractive hands.

During sex it can be even more exciting for someone to wear (rubber) gloves. For example when you finger a woman or go anal with a guy, when they feel the glove inside them it might be a huge turn on. Otherwise you can always touch their body with your gloves and drive them wild, massage the breasts or cock and before you know it they´re at a boiling point. Just remember to clean your gloves after every use of them, it´s not nice to stick your butt gloves in a vagina!

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