woensdag 31 juli 2013


A man in uniform is sexy, you´ve probably heard of that but is this true and can the same be said about a woman in uniform? I like uniforms, well not all of them but some definately look good. But a lot of uniforms are worn too much, as if they have nothing else in their closet to wear. If you´re going to dress up then try something else every now and then, you don´t want to be known as the one suit man or woman.

When I look at latex uniforms almost everything looks good, I guess the only type of latex uniforms I don´t like are the bright ones because they hurt my eyes. Though having a pink latex friend to play with isn´t something I´d refuse, but I would wear sunglasses! Latex offers you a lot of different uniforms and often with a bit more of a fetish design, but you can still see what type of uniform it´s supposed to be.

Uniforms are fun if you enjoy roleplay, for example the cop that pulls you over for a busted tail light and then you have wild sex in the back of the car. I think the nurse uniform is pretty populair as well, though nurses here don´t really dress like the fetish nurse. Which is a shame though, but I guess it might be too tempting to end up in the hospital otherwise!

People who actually wear a uniform for their job probably wear it a bit more than they have to, at least if the uniform looks good on them. But some uniforms are not supposed to be worn outside work hours, so I guess that isn´t always possible. That´s why your bedroom is probably the best place to wear your uniforms, if it drives your partner wild then things can only get hotter!

As a dominatrix you also wear uniforms, something a dominatrix makes her own uniform. Though the traditional thigh high boots and shiny top with gloves are probably the way most people see a dominatrix. I´ve mentioned it before that not every dominatrix wears that. But I like it and I wear it myself!

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