maandag 8 juli 2013

Blood fetish

You might not believe it but there are a lot of people who have a blood fetish, but most of these people won´t openly admit it because it´s not something that´s tolerated by everyone. Some think a blood fetish is just a pathetic attempt to be a vampire, though I doubt that is true. A fetish doesn´t just mean that you like it, it means that you get turned on by it. Maybe you like to suck blood, you want to smear it on your body or keep it in a bottle. Some carry blood in a tube around their neck, some find this weird and yet others don´t seem to be bothered by it.

We all have blood in our body, so it´s not difficult to find. The problem is talking about it with your partner, it´s not the easiest question to ask if you can cut them and suck on their blood or smear it over your body. It´s no suprise that this will scare off most people or at least freak them out. But for those that walk a less innocent path, who aren´t afraid to visit a darker path, might just find a fetish that makes their wildest dreams come true. Though I wouldn´t put too much fantasy in it, it´s a dangerous fetish and you should know your limits because you don´t accidently want to drain someone. It´s not like you can put it back and they´ll be perfectly fine....

With all the vampire movies and series on tv it´s easy to make the connection that someone with a blood fetish is a vampire lover. Well that´s not always the case, though it´s safe to say that in most cases people with a blood fetish aren´t a stranger to vampires. Still this doesn´t mean that they bite you, often a small knife is used to make a clean cut. From this cut they get some blood and then stitch it up. At least if you´re dealing with someone that knows what he or she is doing. I guess you could try to bite, which doesn´t have to be brutally bloody. But it often leaves a nasty mark and depending where you´ve been bitten, it may raise some questions with your family and friends.

I know that this fetish isn´t for everyone, hell I doubt most people wouldn´t even think of trying it. But it´s kinky and dangerous, something that gets me excited and once you´ve tried it there is always a thirst for more! Just remember, be smart and play it safe or don´t play at all!!!!

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