dinsdag 11 juni 2013

Born to be bad?

It´s funny to see how some parents seem to think they can change their child by doing certain things. Like a boy can´t play with dolls, sucking on a rubber duck is bad, girls can´t wear camo shirts or have toy guns. As if any of these things will determine what someone will be, there is no proof that you´ll be anything else than what you are from birth. Being gay or loving rubber isn´t something that happens to you somewhere in your life, you´re born that way. Though a lot of people seem to have problems with that, I guess they just can´t accept that their child isn´t the way they wanted him or her to be. But guess what, you don´t have anything to say about that because if someone is happy the way he or she is then that should be enough for a parent!!!!

Instead you see parents telling their son that playing with a doll is bad, you don´t want to be bad do you? No of course not, the child wants to be good and get a nice treat. When parents walk with their child on the street and see a man or woman in latex then they cover his or her eyes, because it´s bad to wear something like that. Girls that have a poster of a woman that kissed another woman on their wall will have to remove it, because that´s not a good example for you. I mean seriously, are there people who believe that? Oh I´m certain that there are people out there who believe that, who think they can change a person.

So what about a boy that wants to be a girl or a girl that wants to be a boy? What do you say? Tough luck, better luck in your next reïncarnation? Oh wait, that´s not for everone....well I guess you´ll just have to adjust living like a man or woman. Isn´t it someones own free will to choose the life he or she wants? Maybe it´s difficult to understand, because you can´t or just don´t want to. But sometimes if you actually listen to your kid, you might find out that he or she isn´t that bad. They´re just exploring, discovering themselves and eventually making their own decisions in life. Something a parent would like to see in their child, that one day they can stand on their own two feet and make it in life.

Was I born to be a latex lover? I don´t know, I do know that the first time I saw latex it was love on first sight. Does that make me a bad person? I don´t know, I do know that I like to spank people and be worshipped by subs. So yes I´m probably a bad person, but then again we all have some good and some bad in us. You don´t always have to understand, sometimes you just have to accept. It´s not all about you, I´d say the happiness of your children is worth a million times more than what you or I think.

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