woensdag 5 juni 2013

Gagged and loving it!

Do you remember a time in your life when you had to travel with the bus or train and some people would keep talking until you get at your destination? Though it´s not limited to public transportation, no these people talk everywhere. It´s nothing interesting and yet you´re stuck listening to these annoying people because you forgot to bring your music to listen to, which makes the bus or train ride that much longer and definately more irritating. I always wished I had some gags with me so I could stop them from talking, just shoving it in their stupid mouths and watch them squirm. I guess I´m showing my internal sadist here, but people like that deserve it.

But gags aren´t just helpfull for annoying travellers, you can use them on your sub as well. Some will actually ask you for it. Though some people ask for a lot, you can´t always give them what they want but with a gag I think you can help them out. Still there is a problem for some people to bring up a gag in a session, do you force it on someone or do talk about it first before adding it into the play session? Once again it would definately depend on your relationship with your partner, are you willing to risk a good thing by doing something unexpected that someone might or might not like? I would definately bring it up before doing anything with the gag, seems obvious but I´ve seen Doms/Dommes that just forced it on their subs. Let´s just say that didn´t work out well for everyone, because it´s too much for some people and never go beyond your limit when it only brings out bad things!

Just like handcuffs a gag will take away some freedom, which is good when you´re dominating someone. I don´t think a lot of people realize how much you use your mouth during sex. Though people who only use the standard missionary position and afterwards are done seem to be fine without, but they seem to miss out on more than just good sex. Some Doms/Dommes seem to be fine without, when they use mind control (not actual mind control of course, just them telling a sub what he or she can or can´t do) to limit a sub in his or her actions. But for those who prefer to use toys in their play session, then a gag is a wonderful way of telling someone to shup up and bent over. Though that might be a topic for another time....

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