donderdag 20 juni 2013

Going to hell?

No I´m not talking about the weather, sure it´s hot as hell here but that´s not the reason why I want to bring this up.I´m talking about doing something that´s quite forbidden, like the forbidden fruit and it´s just as juicy. Do you have no idea what I´m talking about? Well I´m talking about the rubber nun fantasy!!!! No I don´t mean one of those stiff, stuck up women from a monestary. I´m talking about a woman in a rubber nun outfit, who looks shiny and delicious at the same time. Someone that gets on her knees and knows how to give you a good time, who is divine with not just her hands but also her tongue.

But why is it so appealing? This whole fetish about a rubber nun? Maybe it´s because a nun is forbidden, like for some men a lesbian is the ultimate fetish as she´s not interested in you but the desire to make her interested in you makes it worth the try. Though I would have to warn men with this desire that this won´t work if the woman truly is lesbian, it does mean that she´s only interested in women. Anyway a nun is a woman who devotes her life to serving God, which also means no sex with men (or women for that matter). It´s always the one thing you can´t have, but what you want that makes it so interesting. Though it could be that you´re just into rubber and like the nun outfit because it´s a long outfit with a lot of rubber!!!!

Wether you believe in God or not, I think it´s safe to say that this fantasy is blasphemy in one way or another. So is it worth it? Worth going to hell for a fantasy? Well if the sex is good and the memories last a long time then I´d say yes. Besides who knows what kind of naughty nuns you´ll find down there!!!!

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