donderdag 13 juni 2013


In a BDSM relationship or during a session there is a dynamic between a Dom/Domme and his or her sub. The Dom/Domme makes the rules, the sub follows the rules. But of course there isn´t much fun if the sub always follows the rules, so a lot of subs will deliberately disobey so he or she will be punished. As suprising as this might sound, this brings happiness to both the Dom/Domme and the sub. But it´s not always good, not everyone is always happy with the outcome.

Some subs complain that their Dom/Domme doesn´t punish them enough, they feel like they can get away with it and have this empty feeling of satisfaction about it. I think it´s safe to say that a sub doesn´t want to feel like he or she can get away with it. They complain to their Dom/Domme, which has not always the effect a sub would want. Because not every Dom/Domme believes in severe punishment, but then again not every sub is the right fit for a Dom/Domme.

It´s difficult for subs to find the right Dom/Domme for him or her, but because there are so many different types of dominants there should always be someone for you. Communication is important, just as it is in a vanilla relationship. If a sub wishes to be punished more severly, then he or she can make this request to her Dom/Domme. Just don´t expect a Dom/Domme to change his or her routine completely just for one sub. But it shouldn´t be a problem to talk about it, find out how far the other is willing to meet you in your request and maybe you can work something out.

Personally I love to punish my subs, I can be quite cruel but I do have my moments of relaxation. It´s not all blood and tears in my dungeon, that would be a very single minded way of handling subs and I´m far from being single minded! If I have to be honest I like a naughty sub, it shows some character and it makes things a bit more interesting. If I want someone to do everything I say I´ll get a dog!

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