zondag 9 juni 2013

The big bad world

BDSM is nice when you´re in a room with closed curtains, no judgemental eyes and no comments from people who don´t understand or want to understand you. You feel safe and there isn´t anyone or anything that can disturb you while you play with your partner. But don´t you feel restricted? There is a whole world out there and things you can enjoy together, but then you´ll be exposed and it´s where the negative factors will swarm around you. I´m not saying that it´s easy, especially for a first time it can be overwhelming or even scary. Maybe as a dominant it´s easier, as you´ll be the one who holds the leash and you´re not the one walking on your hands and feet. So how do you face the big bad world?

For a first time it might be a good idea to have company, a friend that is also into BDSM or has a love for the same type of fetishes like you (for example a love for wearing latex). If you don´t know anyone else who has the same interests as you and wishes to go outside with you, then it might be a good idea to pick a good time and place. Going outside when it´s not that crowded outside or find a place where there aren´t that many people. It doesn´t really inspire you to go outside again when your first experience was a negative one.

It´s also a good idea to start small, for example wearing thigh high boots over your jeans or with a skirt. But if you wish to try something else you could also put on some rubber gloves with a corset. Sometimes you need to build confidence, it´s not always natural to everyone. Though if this is still too exposed for you then maybe you can wear some fetish clothing underneath your casual clothes, but a good tip would be not to do this in Summer!

Just so you know, people will most likely give comments on your outfit or on your behaviour. Not everyone is like that. But some people like to say what they think, depending on the person this can be right in your face or behind your back. Don´t let them discourage you, because you have every right to be there. There is no rule against wearing fetish clothing and there is no rule against letting your sub out on a leash. Just be prepared to see a lot of judgemental people, those that can´t or won´t understand you and those that wish they were the one on the leash but are too scared!!!!

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