maandag 24 juni 2013

It´s not my thing but I like to see it

A lot of times I get messages from people that like to see me in latex, but then they quickly mention that they don´t like to wear it themselves. It´s the same type of response I get from people that love me for being goth, they like to see me as a goth but have nothing with it themselves. I´m not saying that it´s weird, but I don´t really understand what they expect from me. Because often these messages are full of remarks how beautiful I am and how much they want me. But what about me? I see a boring guy or girl that doens´t want to wear latex, has nothing with anything goth and I´m supposed to roll over and play fuck doll?

Now don´t get me wrong, I appreciate compliments but I´m sick and tired of being approached by losers who have nothing with the things I love and yet they want to be more than just a friend. I´ll make this pretty clear here, I don´t have any interest in people who don´t like latex or leather! I´ve been in vanilla relationships and they´re boring as hell, well maybe not as hell but boring nonetheless.

Some people don´t understand that in a relationship it´s give and take, well in a D/s relationship one takes a bit more than he or she gives but still it comes down to the same thing. I always point these type of people towards a dvd, rent a movie with women in latex and you´ll have a good time. For example the Matrix has a fair share of latex lovelies.

If you´re interested in someone who has a fetish for latex or leather, then it definately works in your favour if you have that same interest. Not just to look at but also to wear it yourself, if you don´t share this passion then it might be difficult to get close to someone like that. I don´t think everyone would see the need for this shared passion but I think it will definately work in your advantage.

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