zaterdag 22 juni 2013

Naughty dreams

Sometimes people ask me how I sleep, well I have to admit I sleep like everyone else in a bed. Though I do have a coffin, which keeps me cool on a hot and sunny day. But under normal circumstances I prefer to sleep in a bed, I´m not an animal....well not all the time!!!! But when it comes to what I wear in bed then I have to admit it´s not always as spicy as you might think. Sleeping in latex is nice but sometimes it´s not that comfortable, especially when it´s hot.

When I sleep alone I don´t always feel the need to dress up, I´m not in bed to please myself.....well not all the time!!!! Sometimes it´s nice to dress up, to feel sexy and wanted. But when there is no one else around to appreciate it, then you can lose interest quickly. Though making some naughty pictures is nice, which give me a smile later and if I feel like sharing they do even more for others.

So what´s nice to wear in bed? Well that depends on the weather, if it´s hot then you want to avoid clothing that makes you sweat. Trust me when I say that you won´t get much sleep and I don´t mean that in a good way! But when it´s not so hot then latex is a good way to stay comfortable during the cold nights. Some latex stockings and a latex body suit can do wonders, I guess you could also wear a catsuit but I prefer to let a part of my body breath when I go to sleep. When it´s too hot for latex you could switch so silk, which might not sound that appealing at first but it still has a shiny and soft effect on your skin. Also less is better when it´s hot, though I prefer not to go full nude in bed....well not all the time!!!!

I guess you have to figure out what makes you feel comfortable in the middle of the night, if you want to feel sexy or if you just want to get some sleep. Either way I´m certain you´ll have your naughty dreams, if not then maybe this of me picture might helps me all the time!!!!

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