zaterdag 29 juni 2013

Dangerous or exciting?

Why is it that the dangerous things in life are also the most exciting? Getting spanked with a whip isn´t that exciting, but when someone holds a knife to your throat things get hot. Sure you feel fear, things become uncertain, but there is also excitement. Maybe it´s wrong, a twisted way of getting horny. But looking at all the things that can excite you, is danger really the strangest thing?

I have a friend that likes to go out at night, walk alone on deserted roads and experience the thrill of the night. It´s dangerous, but she´s not looking for trouble. I guess she just likes the thrill of it, to be out alone and to experience this threat that could lurk behind every corner. Of course she doesn´t want bad to happen to her, but I can´t help but wonder if deep down she might yearn a bit too much for danger instead of excitement.

Why can´t it be both? To crave for danger and excitement, a develish duo ready for pleasure. I love darkness, to embrace the unknown but I don´t feel excitement for walking alone at night on deserted roads. Sure it would probably be quite the experience and I won´t say that it´s stupid to get aroused by that, but it´s probably something personal and not something for everyone. Still that doesn´t make it wrong, I´d say it makes you different but not wrong.

I´ll spare you the title of the movie but there is this line in it that made sense to me, it goes like this: "what´s the point of living if you can´t feel alive?" Sure you can be safe in your castle and look at the world through your windows, but are you really experiencing life? Are you going to be content at the end of your journey? Not every path has to be a dangerous one, but to find your limits you have to explore and discover yourself in the process. Which might lead to some suprising information about you. Just remember that it´s not wrong to desire danger, but it´s wrong to deny yourself from something you want.

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