vrijdag 7 juni 2013

Sex with strangers

The old idea is to get to know someone, go on a few dates and then when you like him or her and the other likes you then you can be intimate with eachother. Though going back far enough you´d first have to get engaged and after that get married before there was any thought of sex. Of course not everyone would do that, at least I can´t imagine everyone was so correct when it came to having sex. But what about now? Do you still go on a few dates before you make a move? Or when you´re at a party and meet someone interesting, do you find the nearest place to be intimate and be done with it?

It seems naughty, sex in public and/or sex with a stranger. But is it really that special? It´s not like your doing anything different, at least when you look at the part where you have sex. Still some people find it exciting to have sex in puclic, the chance of being caught raises the tension and with that maybe also the climax during sex. But what about having sex with a stranger? How does that make things more interesting?

I think it´s safe to say that a lot of people would first like to get to know someone before they want to be intimate with him or her. I can´t blame them, you don´t want to share something nice like sex with just anybody, not to forget the risk of getting sexual transmitted diseases. But maybe that´s where the excitement is, the danger of it all and that once again might stimulate sex in a positive way. Though I doubt that would work for everyone.

Still the question would remain with whom you´d want to have sex, because I doubt it would be just any stranger. I´d say appearance would matter, if someone looks terrible then that´s not something that would attract you to him or her. Personality would be less important, you hardly know the person or not at all so if it´s about just having sex I doubt you´d care about that. So no matter how much your parents (or anyone else for that matter) tells you that it´s not about the outside but about the inside of a person, I´d say that in some situations that´s not true. I´d like to believe that it matters, but not in every situation.

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