vrijdag 28 juni 2013

Laces or zipper?

I hear often that people prefer laces over a zipper, they claim that laces are more sensual and thus build up more sexual tension. But is that really true? Aren´t zippers just as sensual, sure it´s easier and faster to use zippers but that doesn´t mean that everything has to go fast. Another good thing about zippers is that they don´t always stand out so much, on my black boots you can hardly see the zippers and with laces that´s not always the case. But I guess we all have our own preference.

No matter how much I like zippers I still hold love for laces, for a corset I definately prefer laces. You can wear it tighter, so tight that my breasts almost pop out. Then you know that it´s good, when things are tight. Like my choker, which makes it harder for me to breath and yet it feels just that much better. Zippers give you more room to breath, as they are less tight and are more for being comfortable. Something I prefer with boots, I like it tight but not too tight that my feet can´t breath.

But no matter how much you like laces and zippers, in the end people won´t concentrate on such things when you´re wearing a tight latex catsuit or when you wear thigh high boots. But a nice compliment to your clothes can make a difference, when a sub uses his or her mouth to unzip you. The same can be said about laces, though that might be a bit more difficult. But practice makes perfect!!!!

It doesn´t really matter what you use, both have beautiful qualities and it´s not always easy to choose. Like black thigh high boots look beautiful with red laces, but they also look nice with a black zipper because that camouflages it and makes it look like the boots are a part of you. Unfortunately there is also a downside for both laces and zippers. A zipper can get stuck, which makes it annoying to get out of boots or pants. Laces can get into a knot, which can be difficult to get out of. Still it´s nothing that should keep you from using them, both for practical and sensual use!

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