maandag 17 juni 2013

Real Doms/Dommes?

Often I wonder how some people have the nerve to call themselves a Dom/Domme, I mean in their actions and also words they prove the complete opposite. Now I´m not here to judge, because we all have our moments where things are a bit less glorious. But when I see some Doms/Dommes slaughter someone in a forum just because he doesn´t fit to their standards, I can´t help but wonder who they think they are. I have to admit the person who they butchered didn´t come over as the sharpest tool in the shed, no question about that, but then to talk so high and mighty as if what they say is what counts. That´s the part where I lose my respect for them, such arrogance and such ignorance.

Maybe that´s part of being a real Dom/Domme, to talk high and mighty. To think you´re better than everyone else and that only your opinion matters. Now as nice as this might sound, this is not the truth. First of all you´re a person, you have opinions and there is nothing wrong with that. But to think that your opinion is the one that truly matters and that it is a fact just because you think it is makes me sick.

I don´t hold all the answers, my opinion isn´t the law and I never thought that it was or will be. Probably one of the first things you´ll say to your sub is know your place, but looking at some of these Doms/Dommes I wonder who´s going to tell them? They observe conversations from their thrones high above the masses, then to intervene with their divine words of wisdom and so he or she has spoken his or her words of truth which must then be accepted as facts. But these small minded creatures don´t seem to understand that they are but a splinter in the claw of BDSM, they´re irritating but nothing that can´t be removed!

What is a real Dom/Domme? Well I´d say someone that respects his or her sub, someone that respects the opinions of others even when his or her own opinion is in conflict with that specific opinion. But to be honest with you I don´t like the term real in front of Dom/Domme, you either are or you are not!

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